Monofilament Tubertini ERRE TRE


Monofilament Tubertini ERRE TRE

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Newly designed monofilament ideal for use in bolognese fi shing and very technical fishing The polymer with which it is made, specially developed for Tubertini in Japan, is part of the new R technologies. The surface treatment of coatings made with nanoparticles of type Z1 gives an excellent seal to the knot and a total absence of memory, maintaining excellent softness and controlled stretching.

code diameter breaking strains meters/spool
0,143 mm 3,640/1,730 150 m
21936xx 0,162 mm 4,980/2,150 150 m
21937xx 0,180 mm 5,120/2,680 150 m
21938xx 0,205 mm 6,180/3,250 150 m