About us

Founded in 1999, we have a long and steady upward trajectory in the fisheries trade, both offshore and boat fishing, meeting the daily needs of our customers, whether amateurs or professionals.
The knowledge that we have accumulated over the years, allows us to provide solutions to any small or large problem that may arise from our involvement with the sea and fishing more specifically, making it safer, more efficient and certainly more enjoyable. 
Looking to the future, we see many beautiful but also bad things that we want to change, investing in the ongoing education of our customers for new techniques but also for updates on environmental actions as well as updates on good practices that we should follow in fishing.
We introduce technology in order to give us solutions to everyday problems but also to the creation of original tools that are directly related to the simplification of fishing.
Relying on our course so far, we take courage to continue, aiming at educating the new generation of fishermen who will be methodical, informed, well equipped but also with a deep understanding and love for the sea.