Berkley HighJacker Saltwater
Berkley HighJacker Saltwater
Berkley HighJacker Saltwater


Berkley HighJacker Saltwater

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Experience explosive top water action with the Berkley HighJacker. Designed for targeting aggressive schooling fish, the Berkley HighJacker has been refined to deliver the long-distance casting needed for targeting fish that are actively chasing schools of bait. Its unique, hydrodynamic shape is ideal for matching smaller bait while its weighting system allows for easy walking actions at high speeds.

Prop 65
Proposition 65

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  • Tail-weighted design tuned for maximum casting distance
  • Natural baitfish profile walks easily at fast and slow speeds
  • Flat sides add flash and surface disturbance
  • Upgraded with sharp 3X Anti-Rust Fusion19 hooks